Bee Walks and Talks

Would you like to learn a bit more about the bees in your garden? This summer I’ve been taking bee walks at some very special gardens around the UK.

It can be a bee talk, with an illustrated presentation, or a bee walk or bee safari or a mixture of all of these. To be honest I get such a buzz out of sharing the stories of our amazing bees that I really don’t mind the format, I just enjoy sharing my love of bees and pollinators.

Bee walks are a great way to share a bit of bee love. First of all I can introduce some of the bees that you might see in your garden. Then I can talk about really good bee plants to grow and the important things you need to understand if you really want to help and support garden pollinators.

Bee Walk/Bee Safari

On a bee walk or a bee safari, I like to safely catch a few bees as I walk and pass the little magnifying pots around so that people can see the bees close up. Don’t worry there are air holes in the pots and I never leave them in there for long. No bees are harmed when I do a bee walk. In fact we often do bee rescues as we walk around the garden. Tired bees are a common sight in our gardens and there are easy ways to help them on their way.

Join me on a bee walk around Jekka’s Herbetum Image: Debi Holland

Nature Table

I’ve got a lovely nature table that helps me to tell some of the stories about our garden bees. It includes some real bees that you can look at under a magnifying glass, bee cocoons, nesting materials, and all sorts of other things. I’ve even got a pot of Bee Poo and a Lego Bee, which the kids really love.

Jean Vernon’s nature table is part of her presentation and offers an insight into the secret world of garden bees Image: Jean Vernon

Book a bee walk/talk

I’m now taking bookings for 2023 so if you would like me to give a talk or take a walk around a lovely garden near you, please get in touch. You can contact me on Twitter and InstaGram, or send me an email – Jean at TheGreenJeanie dot com. There is also a direct contact message sender on my About page which will send your message to my email inbox.

Contact Me

If you need to get in touch there is a ‘contact me’ facility at the bottom of my About page here. Or if you follow me on Twitter or InstaGram you can message me there.

Happy Customers

This summer (2022) I’ve worked at RHS Wisley over the SuperBees event at half term for nine full days. I spent two full days at The Botanic Gardens of Wales doing Bee Walks and Talks, plus Bee Tours at Jekka’s Herb Farm and Bee Safaris at Yeo Valley Organic Gardens and The Ilminster Literary Festival.

Here’s what one happy customer said:

“What a great day out at Jekkas.
Jean Vernon and her knowledge of bees is simply outstanding. If thought you knew a little about bees then you must visit Jekka’s and and listen to Jean; down to earth, easily understood and simply makes you fall in love with the solitary bee, a great time thank so much.” Mark.

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