There are lots of great things planned for 2024. I will be attending several events where you can join me to learn about garden bees (bumblebees & solitary bees) and other pollinators. I absolutely love sharing some of the fascinating stories about our pollinating friends, it would be wonderful if you could join me.

Yeo Valley Gardens Bee Safaris

This summer I will be at Yeo Valley Gardens doing my popular Bee Safaris and an illustrated talk about garden bees. Come and join me for coffee and a bee safari around the gorgeous organic gardens. The dates are still to be confirmed, but watch this space for more information or check the Yeo Valley Website for more details.

Get up close with some garden bees. Image: c. John Lawrence

Bristol Bee & Pollination Festival

I will be taking my interactive nature table to the Bristol Botanic Garden Bee & Pollination Festival. It’s focused on our wild bees; bumblebees and solitary bees and includes some of our other essential pollinators too like butterflies and wasps and hornets. I’ll be taking garden bee safaris over the weekend and selling signed copies of my books. Watch this space for more information.


This year I am sharing my love of pollinators and bees with Horticultural Societies and Gardening Clubs as a speaker.

If you’d like to book me to do an event, please get in touch via Twitter (@TheGreenJeanie) or Instagram (@addicted2bees) or use the contact form at the bottom of my About page.

RHS Gardens Wisley, Surrey

On May 23rd 2024 I am hosting two workshops about garden bees. An introduction to Garden Bees will include an illustrated talk, a bee safari in the gardens and a nature table of fascinating nesting materials. There are two sessions.

Friday 23rd May 10.30am to 1pm

Friday 23rd May 2pm to 4.30pm

Book Here – An Introduction to Garden Bees

Come and join me at RHS Wisley for an Introduction to Garden Bees

Quince Honey Farm in Devon

Come and join me at the Quince Honey Farm for a bee walk/bee safari within the gorgeous nectar gardens. Yes there will be honeybees, but we will be focusing on the solitary bees and their fascinating lifecycles and looking for them in the gardens. Plus of course we can’t miss the fluffy bumbles! Tickets are on sale now, book here.

Jekka’s Open Days

Join Jean Vernon on a bee walk and get up close with some bumblebees Image: DH Gardening

If you love herbs for all their wonder, then don’t miss the open days at Jekka’s Herb Farm. It’s a chance to listen to the Queen of Herbs talk about these amazing plants and see behind the scenes at this incredible collection of edible, medicinal and power plants. I’ll be there to take my popular bee tours in and around the Herbetum and Herb Garden. I’d love to introduce you to some of our Buzzy Friends. It’s a three-day event running fromĀ Friday 7th June & Saturday 8th June 2023, for more details of the event and to book tickets have a look here. Jekka’s Events.