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Buy a copy of my best-selling bee book The Secret Lives of Garden Bees, or my new book Attracting Garden Pollinators and I will add a pack of seeds of my Number One Bee Plant – Viper’s Bugloss.

I’ve packed up seeds of my favourite plant for pollinators, Viper’s Bugloss (Echium vulgare) so that you can grow this amazing plant

This is an all day nectar bar in summer and flowers for months on end. Viper’s bugloss is a biennial which means in flowers in its second year of growth. The flowers appear in summer and are azure blue and very, very rich in nectar. These seeds are from a respected seed supplier and are fresh. Sow by 2024 for best results.

Your plants will establish in the first year, overwinter and then flower the following season. They don’t flower the first year.

Viper’s bugloss is hardy. It’s a native wildflower. It’s easy to grow from seed. It self-seeds around the garden. And as long as your plants are well-watered, the flowers replenish their nectaries every 20 minutes or so, making them an all-day nectar bar.

To get a free packet of seeds simply visit my shop and buy one of my books.

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